Every month a scorcher

John Payne and John Payne

What’s so special about four college guys wanting to bask on the beach with 13 bikini-clad babes? Nothing – unless it’s their new job. That’s just the case for the men behind the BG13, a new calendar that will feature a baker’s dozen of cute University co-eds. That’s if everything goes according to plan, of course. For University students and longtime friends Jose Galvan, Troy Chamberlain, James Hilty and Philip Ferguson, creating the calendar isn’t about hobnobbing with foxy babes. It’s a business venture, and they’ve got nearly everything worked out, from visual concepts and marketing schemes to obtaining their LLC license. The one thing they don’t have: the 13 girls. ‘We want to make it clear that most of the women on campus aren’t models,’ Hilty said. ‘They’re here for an education. And this is only a social activity to get involved with the student body. Everyone is self-conscious, and we understand that.’ So far, they’ve only received a few submissions. To arouse more interest, the guys are offering a cash prize of $200 to the girls they select. The photo shoot might also take place on Hilton Head Island, which would mean a free vacation. They also plan on taking each girl shopping for a swimsuit, which the model will get to keep. Though the calendar is scheduled to be shot this summer and published this fall, the idea for the BG13 has been evolving for two years. Some of the guys drew inspiration from the Tempe 12, Arizona State’s famous calendar featuring comely undergraduates. Others remembered the success of Paul ‘The T-Shirt Guy’ Phillips, a BGSU alumnus who sold homespun T-shirts. Hilty simply wanted to establish his own freelance publication for the campus. Either way, the friends decided to act on their idea. ‘With the four of us in one room, we really fed off each other’s energy,’ Chamberlain said. ‘We all mix and match our skills together into a well-rounded effort. The important thing is that we finally got up and got motivated.’ The academic background of each member has proved useful. For instance, Galvan called on his experience as a former marketing major to apply for a business license, seek swimsuit sponsors and offer advertising to local businesses. ‘All those business courses culminated in me making better decisions,’ he said. ‘It’s made the outfit more professional, I think.’ Their long friendship hasn’t hurt either, they each said. ‘We all know how we’re going to react,’ Ferguson explained. ‘The benefit of being friends is that we can say no to each other with no hurt feelings.’ The original deadline for submissions was April 13, but with only a handful of serious applications, the boys are extending it. Though they allegedly stirred a lot of interest, they think they know why so few women applied. ‘I can easily see why someone would hesitate,’ Galvan said. ‘But there are only four of us business partners and only two of us review the submissions. We’re extremely confidential. And a lot of people are more attractive than they think. Plus, we’re also marketing the quality of education at the University. My advice would be: just take a shot at it.’ While junior Amy Peklar thinks the calendar is a good idea that could add some sex appeal to the University’s profile, she won’t be donning a bikini for the BG13. ‘Personally, I do not like to be photographed,’ she said. ‘But I still think it’s a great idea. Currently, the University is going through a tough financial crisis. I think that this calendar could be great publicity for the University and possibly attract new students.’ The lads have pinned most of their hopes on receiving a business loan. Once granted, they’ll use it to pay for the swimwear, the trip to Hilton Head, makeup and hair styling and to hire a University student to take the photos. They’re also looking for enough diversity to accurately represent the campus. ‘We really want a variety of different looks and ethnicities,’ Galvan said. ‘And a redhead would be amazing.’ Intent on being taken seriously, the guys have pledged to donate a portion of their future profits to the Falcon Club – which provides money for athletic scholarships at the University – and Rusty’s House, a drug and alcohol rehabilitation center in Toledo. As for the feel and style of the calendar, Hilty described it as ‘the happy-medium between Sports Illustrated and cutesy. We’re just here to glorify the beautiful and sophisticated women at this University, from sorority chicks to art majors.’