College students, not calendar girls

The ‘every month a scorcher’ article in yesterday’s BG News offended me. As a female college student, I was disturbed by the extent to which women were being objectified for profit. First of all, I do not expect to see a scantily clad woman first thing in the morning when I want to know what is going on at my University. I was also upset by the quote from Hilty which stated ‘most of the women on campus aren’t models.’ None of us filled out our applications with the sole hope of being in this calendar, and even those who are aspiring to be models are here to learn, not to entertain and make money for you. I was also insulted by the implication that my own bad body image is the only thing keeping me from being in this calendar. Just because I am not jumping at the chance to pose half-naked in a calendar for a cash prize and free vacation (which sounds like a creepy kidnapping scam you read about in those viral e-mails no matter how you look at it) doesn’t mean I am ‘self-conscious.’ I don’t have to show off my body to others to prove I am happy with myself. If you are looking to ‘glorify the beautiful and sophisticated women at this University,’ make a calendar about women in the lab trying to cure cancer, in the art studio creating a masterpiece, and in the classroom learning the skills that will make us important members of this society for something other than just our bodies. —Sarah Worman, Senior