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Model Behavior

The high fashion model world seems very far away from small town Bowling Green. However, it may have gotten a little closer.

University student Amanda Adams is currently in the running for the upcoming season of ‘Models of the Runway.’

The online casting challenge for the show started on Sept. 1 and allows aspiring models to enter the contest, create a profile and compete for a spot on the show.

Adams started modeling when she was 16 years old. In 2007 she moved to Los Angeles to attend the Fashion Institute of Design and Merchandising and returned one year later. Adams is currently in her fourth year at the University.

When the modeling competition presented itself, Adams knew she had to do it.

She entered the competition with only three days left in the first round and did not expect to make it far.

‘Somehow I was able to make it into the top percentage, and I’ve managed to stay there,’ Adams said. ‘It’s an amazing feeling to know that so many people out there are supportive of what I am trying to accomplish. I have a group on Facebook of about 670 members and some of them don’t even know me personally and are voting for me every day.’

One of Adams’s biggest supporters is her sister, Chelsea Adams.

According to Adams, her family has been very encouraging and has stood behind her from day one. Chelsea helps generate votes by asking her friends and coworkers to vote for her sister and also puts Adams’s link on her Facebook status every day reminding people to vote.

‘Modeling has always been important to my sister,’ Chelsea said. ‘She definitely has what it takes. If she made it on the show she would win, hands down. She’s an amazing model and winning this competition would give her many more opportunities.’

Adams has spent every waking moment being involved in the competition. It has absorbed every free second of each day.

Adams’s boyfriend, Brad Kublin, has been very supportive of her and has done everything in his power to help push her to the top.

He also got his friends and family involved through Facebook and e-mail, but his biggest support group is his employers – MTV, StudentCity and Rockstar Energy Drink.

Kublin’s connections are very beneficial to Adams, and he has contacted people at work to send out company wide faxes and memos to remind them all to vote for Adams daily.

Although Kublin tries to be helpful, he believes that she doesn’t need it, given the fact that she was in first place for a month before he even told anyone.

Kublin not only notices how badly she wants to win but also how dedicated she is to the competition and to the other models and fans involved.

‘Right when she wakes up she spends an hour reading comments left overnight and personally responds to all of them,’ Kublin said. ‘Between classes she finds the nearest computer and votes for all the remaining 50 top models and writes a personal comment on all of their walls and lets them know she voted for them too.’

Although some of the models became friends, the contest wasn’t always glamorous. A lot of drama has been stirred up between the competitors, but Adams has managed to ignore the arguments and insults while remaining focused on what’s most important – winning.

‘There has been so much drama in this competition,’ Chelsea said. ‘[Adams] has totally stayed out of it and has been one of the few classy ladies on the Web site.’

Because of Adams’s attitude, she has received a lot of praise. Her ability to stay out of the drama gained her more votes and fans. Throughout the three rounds of the online challenge, Adams has fluctuated between first and fifth places.

‘This competition has been a lot of work, and my position is not secure for this round,’ Adams said. ‘I don’t necessarily feel that I deserve to win over anyone else because a lot of the models are worthy and beautiful, but this is something I love to do. I’ve always been passionate about modeling and I can only focus on myself and do the best that I can.’

Adams has already been successful modeling in New York City and Los Angeles and winning this challenge will be a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity.

‘Winning will give her the exposure she has always desired,’ Kublin said. ‘Anyone you ask will tell you she’s the most beautiful woman inside and out. Not to mention she is so well connected and has such a large circle of support that can get her through anything.’

Adams has thrived so far with the support from her friends and family all around the country but help from her University would seal the deal.

‘Bowling Green is a typical Midwest school and doesn’t see much entertainment or celebrities, certainly not like in New York City or California,’ Kublin said. ‘Bowling Green is frequently overlooked and if Amanda succeeds in this competition it will put our university and community in the deserved spotlight and finally give us some attention.’

If Adams makes it through the third round, she will enter the fourth round where the vote count will re-set for the final votes to be cast. ‘Bowling Green is one of those campuses where it doesn’t matter if you personally know someone or not,’ Adams said. ‘Everyone is directly linked in one way or another, and I would love to have the support of my campus and town.’

Adams has been extremely modest throughout the entire voting process. Adams hopes her hard work will pay off.

‘This would be such an amazing opportunity,’ Adams said. ‘I have modeled for awhile now and to be able to show my friends and family what it is that I have strived for and to be able to do it on national television would be a great feeling. I am so thankful for everyone’s support.’

Round three of the competition ends Sunday at midnight. To view Adams’s Models of the Runway page, visit’

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