Holistic healing and rejuvenation focus of Brown Bag luncheon

Ira Sairs and Ira Sairs

Asherah’s Garden, a holistic healing center, focused on the energetic properties of rocks and healing on all levels of being during a Brown Bag Luncheon yesterday in the Women’s Center.

The event demonstrated a sample of the services provided by Asherah’s Garden, including the benefits of aromatherapy, hypnotherapy and medical herbology.

Holistic Health Practitioner and head of Ashera’s Garden Lia Ricci-Sons led the session, concentrating on certain parts of self-healing.

“Holistic Healing practice recognizes the sum of all the parts: physical, mental, emotional and spiritual. We focus on all those parts,” she said.

According to the colorful brochure provided at the session, “Ashera’s Garden is a space designed to allow one to rejuvenate their whole self.”

The luncheon focused mainly on crystal layouts, which attempt to draw the positive energy inherent in stones and crystals by placing them around or on oneself. These crystals can also draw negative energy from one’s body.

As a demonstration of aromatherapy, small vials containing lavender, frankincense and sandalwood were also passed around for the group to smell.

Sandy Mencer, a first-year program director at the University, was given an amethyst crystal to hold throughout the session. Ricci-Sons said the crystal was supposed to draw the negative energy out of her body.

“I think it’s interesting; I’m not new to this,” Mencer said. “I have a very deep belief in spirit and body. There are things besides western medicine that can help you.”

University alumnus Michael Carriaga liked the session.

“It’s always nice to find ways to reduce stress, with life being as stressful as it is. I thought it was very, very beneficial,” she said.

Ashera’s Garden: Holistic Health Center is located at 349 Derby Street in Bowling Green. The center offers herbal health, aromatherapy and hypnotherapy consultations as well sessions in Reflexology and Crystal Layout.