Cartwright can’t leave the ‘University kitchen’ a mess

Interim provost. Interim president. Interim deans for several colleges and other vacant top positions at the University.

In a time of leadership and financial uncertainty at the University, it feels good to secure a president. Especially one already familiar with the University and the state of Ohio.

Since she signed on as interim president in June, University officials have been wishfully hoping Carol Cartwright would remove “interim” from her title. But the 67-year-old had no intention of staying long at the University; she had intentions of re-retiring with her husband Phil.

But when Provost Shirley Baugher resigned in December for personal reasons some sort of maternal instinct must have been triggered in Cartwright. She figured she couldn’t leave the University in this condition.

Like an ill child, the University is shackled with dropping enrollment, a considerable deficit, a poor local and national economy and empty shoes to fill in several top positions on campus. The University is going through transition, a feverish transition.

Because of her success as president of Kent State University and familiarity with complex state issues, Cartwright really is the best candidate for the top job on campus. And she knows it.

As an avid cook, Cartwright must know the golden rule of every kitchen: leave it cleaner than how you found it. The BG News applauds Cartwright’s decision to lead the University for another two years.

But the University will experience some major changes in the next coming months. We believe Cartwright has the experience and knowledge to make such changes, and only hope she uses a very sharp paring knife rather than an axe.

G. Phillip Cartwright, thank you for the patience. Besides, what’s another two years? With an annual salary of $375,000, it’s $750,000.

With a salary increase of $75,000 from $300,000 as interim president, Cartwright is being paid nearly $60,000 more than former University President Sydney Ribeau did after 13 years as University president.

The Board of Trustees either really wanted Cartwright, or she really wanted to retire. Either way, she will have her chance to prove her worth. The University needs a strong, solid leader.