Colleges unite for celebration of the arts

Tim Naida and Tim Naida

Three schools at the University are coming together to display art for the campus and community.

The Department of Theatre and Film, the School of Art and the College of Musical Arts are hosting the Arts Extravaganza, a series of events designed to showcase art students here at the University. The event is today from 6 to 10 p.m. throughout the Fine Arts Center.

Theatre and film Instructor Benjamin Powell said the goals of the event were to show what the different art departments can accomplish together, and to highlight the talents of students.

‘The Arts Extravaganza is designed to highlight or draw attention to arts across BG,’ he said. ‘It brings together multiple art-based departments and provides a window for the community to see what can happen when [the art departments] get together.’

The event will feature performances and displays from undergraduate and graduate students. They will present works from classes as well as individual works. Events include musical performances, art displays, glass blowing demonstrations and a fashion show. Each room will have different events and arts featured.

Senior Britt Mansell said she is excited to see the glass blowing exhibition, and said the event is good for the school.

‘I think it’s a great way to showcase the artistic talents of BGSU students,’ she said. ‘It shows that BGSU is a community.’

Freshman Josh Powell is performing with Circus Vera during the Arts Extravaganza. He said he likes the focus on the arts at the University, and said it will be fun to perform.

‘Here they actually appreciate the arts,’ he said. ‘It’s cool how they accept everyone and everyone is invited.’

The event is free and open to the public.