“The Leftovers” final season its best



Jacob Clary and Jacob Clary

“The Leftovers,” one of HBO’s most underrated series, has returned for its third and final season and it doesn’t disappoint. “The Leftovers” is based off the book by the same name by Tom Perrotta. This final season brings back the characters that viewers have loved, and gives us a great storyline to watch each episode. This review is being written after the first two episodes have been released, so I haven’t seen the other episodes, but the episodes I have seen have left me excited to see how the series concludes.

“The Leftovers” stars Justin Theroux, who plays the main character Kevin Garvey, and the main premise of the show is that one day, around two percent of the world’s population vanished from the Earth. The third season starts off a couple weeks prior to the seven year anniversary of this event, and takes place three years after the events of season two.

To begin, I love the premise of the show. It’s an interesting premise to think about, whether watching the show, reading the book, or doing neither. Thinking about the situation that each character is in is actually something that I think about.

Also, the performances for each character is stellar. Justin Theroux nails the role of Kevin Garvey. The series hinges on how well Theroux can portray Garvey, and it is great. “The Leftovers” is very good about having interesting character development throughout the whole series. Due to the show being over a long period of time, seven years, each character would change, and that’s one of the best parts of the series. Seeing how each character changes is great, and this final season brings those characters to the forefront.

“The Leftovers” has gotten better as each season has gone on, with the first season being the weak point, and then the second being the better of the two. The third season so far has been better than the previous seasons, and I believe that it will continue that tradition. I have always been a fan of conclusions in media, I just love the end. This series looks to be ending on a high point. “The Leftovers” is a great series, and this third season is a great watch. I recommend this series if you’re a fan of character-driven shows or shows that make you think, you won’t be disappointed. HBO Go has the entire series