“SteamWorld Dig 2” excels at all parts

By Jacob Clary and By Jacob Clary

“SteamWorld Dig 2” is a spectacular game. I enjoyed all of the singular parts in the game, and the combination of these parts help to make the game a great experience.

    “SteamWorld Dig 2” was developed by Image & Form Games, the same developer as the first game. The game released on the Nintendo Switch and PC. It will also come to the PlayStation 4 and PlayStation Vita on Sept. 26.

    The premise of the game is the main character of the first game, Rusty, has gone missing. Dorothy, the second game’s main character and Rusty’s friend from the first game, has gone searching for him. Dorothy has to dig all the way down the mines, and find Rusty. I enjoyed the simple plot of the game, and liked how it didn’t play too much of a part in the game.

    The mechanics of the game are similar to the Metroid series. The player explores areas in the game, and then needs to find new abilities to get past obstacles that are in their way. One example of this is there is a wall that can’t be broken using the pickaxe, so the player has to find the jack hammer ability to break the wall.

    The first game was an enjoyable and addicting experience, but was a little short, only around six hours. However, this game is longer, about two or three hours. I worried that this would make the game less enjoyable, or make the game’s similar mechanics to the first game feel old by the end. But it was quite the opposite. It allowed the game to contain more abilities and variety in its areas.

    The longer game also didn’t make the mechanics of the game less addicting either. The currency and upgrades in the game are gotten by going into the mines, and finding different ores and rocks that are worth money. The player has to do this many times to be able to afford upgrades. I loved the game play loop in “SteamWorld Dig 2” and the longer game made me enjoy it even more.

    There are a couple reasons that the game didn’t get old, even though I was doing the same activities throughout, and that’s because of the music and controls. The controls of the game are very tight and responsive. Moving Dorothy is easy and fun, which makes playing the game continually engaging. The music of the game is also great as well. Not many tracks are in the game, but the ones that are there make the game feel alive. Both the music and controls help make the game a pleasant experience.

    “SteamWorld Dig 2” is fun to play. The controls and music allow the game to continue being fun the whole time playing the game, even though it is longer than the previous. I enjoyed how the narrative of the game doesn’t take away from the game, and how it kind of pushes the player to an area, but doesn’t make the player go there. The game is wonderful, and I hope there is more to come for the series.