Inspiredesign Jewelry: Host a Home Jewelry Party!

What’s better than an evening spent with friends? We think an evening with friends and jewelry makes for twice the fun! Mindy will personally bring her jewelry line to your home for a private showing.

Inspiredesign offers a jewelry party experience with a few unique twists. There’s no waiting for shipping–you can wear your hand-made selection home that evening. As an added feature, party guests may also bring along any old gold they wish to cash in, which will be weighed and assessed on the spot.

Imagine attending a home party that enables you to bring home money, not just spend it!

That’s not all. As a thank you, the host or hostess can opt to either select a piece of jewelry valued up to $50, or take $50 off the purchase price of any jewelry item.

Call 309-788-GEMS (4367) for details, or click here to submit your interest.