Falcons open outdoor season in first meet since Feb. 26 indoor competition

Brad Frank and Brad Frank

With a month between competition and a change of scenery, the BG track and field team is looking to begin its outdoor season on a positive note.

Tomorrow the Falcons will be competing in the Toledo Collegiate Challenge.

With exactly one month since their last meet, BG used the time to recover from the end of the indoor season but has now recently gotten back into full swing in practice.

“[The time off] allows us to do more intense training,” said coach Cami Wells. “But some people needed a little bit of recovery.”

With the time off comes anticipation of the next meet.

Wells said her team is ready to get going, especially those who can’t compete in the indoor season.

“Everyone’s looking forward to being outdoor and starting the outdoor season,” she said. “Several athletes don’t get to compete indoor in their events, so there are many events we get to compete in now.”

For instance, steeplechase, discus, and javelin are strictly outdoor events. So, the athletes who specialize in those events begin their season tomorrow. The length of hurdle events will be extended from 60 meters to 100 and to as much as 400 meters.

But even for those who have competed during the indoor season, adjustments need to be made based on the temperature and other weather elements as the team transitions to the outdoor season.

“[Being outdoors] takes a toll on the athletes because they’re going to be outside for a period of time, sometimes for two days,” Wells said. “They just have to be smart about what they’re doing.

“With indoor you have the same conditions all of the time. With outdoor it’s quite a big difference. [The weather] affects every event, so there’s a big transition.”

The Falcons will be part of a four-team field tomorrow that includes Ohio, Toledo, and Oakland.

Last season BG won the event with eight individual event wins.

The meet begins tomorrow at noon with the last event is scheduled to start at 5:30 p.m.