Actor Jay Baruchel enters a whole new ‘League’

Jay Baruchel, star of the upcoming “She’s Out of My League,” may not be a household name just yet, but after solid supporting turns in “Knocked Up” and “Tropic Thunder,” he is more than ready to take center stage.

“I guess I’ve [been] kind of groomed for it,” said Baruchel, whose character, the easy-going Kirk, must mature upon discovering the girl too good for him is actually intrigued.

Acting since the age of twelve, Baruchel jokes how he’s had two careers, jumping from leading roles in “weirdo Canadian independent films” (in his native country) to supporting roles in the United States.

“You’ve got to make sure you’re sympathetic,” he said, “and then look for spots for you to be funny as well.”

Something tells me that he has nothing to worry about with the ability to create laughs and improvise with ease.

“I will ad-lib no matter what. Whether they use it or not is a whole different story,” he said.

“League” co-star Nate Torrence (“Get Smart”), a veteran of Chicago Second City, is also no stranger to improvisation.

“[There are] a couple scenes where they flat out just weren’t in the script, and then made it in the movie,” Torrence said.

Filmed in a light atmosphere with first-time director Jim Field Smith, a veteran of British sketch comedy, “League” possesses a “chutzpah to it” that has the potential to “hit a nerve,” Baruchel said.

Ever humble though, the young actor claims he’d “be psyched if kids dig it at all.” It serves little surprise to me that Baruchel has worked his way so well into today’s world of comedy, ingratiating himself to everyone from Ben Stiller to Judd Apatow with his optimistic and down-to-Earth attitude.

And with “League” and two more main roles on the horizon with the upcoming “Sorcerer’s Apprentice” and “How to Train Your Dragon,” this year seems like the year that Baruchel’s grooming will pay off.