Fashion Week 2019 combines new, old, high-end and affordable styles

Kylie Tusing and Kylie Tusing

Whether it was in Paris, New York, Milan or London, the Spring/Summer 2019 Fashion Weeks have set the mood for the upcoming seasons. There are many trends making a comeback from all different decades, as well as new trends the fashion industry has never seen before.

The trends range from high-end to affordable. Designers like Calvin Klein, Marc Jacobs and Dior were featured, but shoppers can also find a mixture of styles at more cost affordable stores.

There are many new additions as well as revamps of  old clothes that have been made popular by the Spring/Summer Fashion Weeks.


Take a glimpse into the past

This year, there were several designs and pieces that either incorporated or brought back styles from several different decades. The trend of tie-dye has made a comeback in designs from Stella McCartney, Prada and Dior. The tie-dye style comes with a lot of possibilities. People can do it themselves or shop at a cost-affordable store such as Forever 21. Though it might not be the easiest way to find tie-dye, checking local thrift stores will give that ‘60s hippie vibe that designers were going for.

Fashion influencers took pieces from the late ‘80s and ‘90s as well with several mixed patterns. Designers incorporated back butterfly details, polka dots, black and white checkers, along with a scarf print pattern. All of these designs and patterns are easy to find through stores like Forever 21, American Eagle and Kohl’s. Similar to the tie-dye trend thrift stores are packed with these patterns and old time fashion trends.

The last “decades” trend the runway saw was accessories. Several different accessories were added to the runway giving shoppers various styles to choose from. One comeback piece is miniature backpacks. Seen in popular ‘90s movies such as “Clueless,” mini backpacks are popular accessories to add to any casual look.

Another repetitive style was crochet. Whether in swimsuits, cover-ups or purses, designers used crochet to make many styles look spring/summer ready.

“Head First” was another trend this season, with multiple appearances of bows, headbands and other hair accessories, which can be found in local Forever 21 stores.


Never-before-seen looks

Several trends are being recreated into something new. The first trend is biker shorts, which are already trending on social media. Fashion influencers all around are saying biker shorts are not just for exercising.

Longer in length and with flexibility similar to yoga pants, biker shorts were seen on every runway from many designers. Designer Laquan Smith, paired his biker shorts with a more beach-athletic look. Contrastingly, designer Maryam Nassir Zadeh made her biker shorts with a spandex type fabric, allowing the shorts to be paired with almost any look and style. Biker shorts are affordable but not thrift store friendly. Possibly, the cheapest way to get these shorts would be looking at Forever 21’s many options and designs.

Color schemes got bold in the 2018 spring/summer Fashion Weeks but designers stepped up their game this year making the 2019 spring/summer collection as colorful as ever. Coming back into trend are metallics, neons, brights and sunshine colors.

Though designers such as Calvin Klein went back to the basics with neutrals and denim, a new texture coming back this year is feathers. This look can be hard to style, but Pinterest gives tips on how to create new feather looks and how to add feathers to already planned outfits.

The last style, which spreads both into clothing and accessories, is utility. Different types of items that fall under the utility style include fanny packs, crossbody purses, backpacks, utility jackets and cargo shorts, all of which make carrying easier and less of a burden. From multiple designers at Fashion Week, it seemed the general consensus was nobody should leave the house worried they did not have enough room to carry their things.

The Spring/Summer 2019 Fashion Week was filled with bold colors, mixed patterns and texture that can only be described as extra. This season’s designers have recreated and created designs that can be found in high end shops and cost affordable shops.