Disney+ streaming service launches


disney 11/12

Disney is expanding their empire by creating an accessible streaming service for all of the Disney fans.

This is making others worried about the effects it will create for other streaming services.

Disney+ launched on Nov. 12 for $6.99 a month; it is a streaming service that will hold popular television shows and movies owned by Disney for all ages, including from other networks bought by Disney. The company is increasing the demand for their network by promoting new Disney+ original shows that will be released with the launch of the application, like “The Mandalorian.” Furthermore, various shows have already been confirmed to appear on the application later in the year. “The Falcon and the Winter Soldier” and “WandaVision” are examples of MCU shows that are set to premiere later in 2020 or 2021. Overall, the application sounds too good to be true. Given the combination of nostalgia from old Disney pictures, new upcoming expansions in big cinematic universes and affordability, the app sounds perfect for any age group to enjoy.

With the threat of Disney+, Netflix starts to feel pressure and concern. Netflix is charging nearly $13 a month and more companies are starting to pull their shows off the popular streaming service. Many companies are attempting to start their own streaming service, which explains Netflix’s dilemma of not having as many popular movies on the website. As Disney+ is almost less than half of the cost as Netflix, everyone is wondering the direction Netflix must take to stay afloat in the competition of streaming services. Now, Netflix has many original shows and movies, which may be their next move in attempting to keep their subscribers. Promoting their original content and curating indie styled filmmaking on Netflix, may keep the streaming service around for a few more years. Several services, in the future, will only show their content and lack differentiation. Netflix obtaining indie films and creating their own unique content with no clear cut and dry technique of filmmaking, may spark individuality in the service, where other services may lack.

Disney has all their bases covered in delivering content for this new application. As Disney owns two major franchises such as Star Wars and the MCU, these two features alone makes fans want to purchase the service. Nevertheless, these sources of pure entertainment leaves Netflix to scramble for their next marketing plan, which may or may not happen.

Conclusively, Disney+ is available in a few short days and will include hundreds of pictures for any fan to enjoy.