Kent State a cappella group collaborates with BGSU media production students


Kent State-based a capella group Vocal Intensity, who collaborated with BGSU students and staff at the Stanton Audio Recording Studio on Nov. 10.

Michael Pincumbe and Michael Pincumbe

On Nov. 10, Kent State University a cappella group “Vocal Intensity” got the opportunity to perform and record a few songs in the Stanton Audio Recording Studio of the Kuhlin Center as part of a collaborative project with senior media production major Dominic Ferrante. 

Kiara De Jesus, president of Vocal Intensity, says recording the group was one of their big goals for the year.

“This year we took a step back from competing, so we needed to do another big thing this year, and we decided on recording. We decided to record a song or two and one of our members had a connection with Dom from BG and for one of his classes he had to do a video, so it was really a win-win for both of us,” she said.

Lena DiNardo, a member of the a cappella group, was able to reach out to Dominic for the collaboration to happen. 

“I know Dominic pretty well, he’s a good friend of mine, and I was talking about my a cappella group and he said it would be so awesome if we could collab somehow. So, he texted his people, we got some audio and video guys together and made this collaboration happen,” she said.

The a cappella group were very excited to come to the audio-visual lab as part of the recording process behind the scenes. 

“This place is amazing. It’s so professional and I know everything is up to standard. It was really a dream to be in here working. It was so fun; everything went super smoothly. Everyone was super supportive and easy to collab with,” she said. 

Other members of the a cappella group were impressed by the studio.

“The recording booth here is in pristine condition. You can feel that top notch and professional quality as well when it comes to this recording studio,” Tom Kijauskas, a member of Vocal Intensity, said. 

With the proper authorization from a professor, students can reserve time in the audio lab to record for any student project or personal use. In addition, if they are in a class where it is permitted, they can check out cameras or audio equipment for a 24 hour period.

For $20 an hour, a student intern can accompany those using the studio to help with questions and to demonstrate tools that might be needed. A student intern is required to be in the studio space during the reserved time. The studio is free for students currently enrolled in a MDIA course. For $45, you can book a session with a professional engineer in Marco Mendoza.

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