Live-action Disney movies: Best to worst

Disney in recent years has taken their original animation films and transformed them into live-action remakes. While it’s debatable which films are the best, one way to understand the value of each film is through the critic score based on Rotten Tomatoes.

1. ‘The Jungle Book’ – 94% critics, 86% audience ratings

A “man-cub” finds his home in the jungle. He is raised by helpful wolves and other animals who try to protect him, but is faced with potential danger leaving his only home. This movie received the highest critic score due to its emotional story and impressive CGI.

2. ‘Cinderella’ – 84% critics, 78% audience ratings

The classic story of a woman losing her shoe and the prince attempting to find his true love’s foot. Cinderella shows the reality of falling in love with someone based on their personality and not their title.

3. ‘Christopher Robin’ – 73% critics, 83% audience ratings

A man who lost his sense of adventure with his childhood stuffed animals is reunited with his plush friends. In an attempt to reignite his childishness, they go on an adventure to remind Christopher Robin of his past.

4. ‘Beauty and the Beast’ – 71% critics, 80% audience ratings

A rugged beast and former prince falls in love with a girl who trespassed on his castle in search of her father. Despite his appearance, she connects to his sensible personality.

5. ‘Lady and the Tramp’ – 68% Critics, 51% audience ratings

“Lady and the Tramp” focuses on two mutts from two opposite ways of living. As Lady lives a fancier, comfortable life, Tramp is a stray who must scavenge to survive. These two form a romance, showing the audience the reality of puppy love.

6. ‘Aladdin’ – 57% critics, 94% audience ratings

Aladdin is about a magical lamp with an encased genie who has the ability to grant wishes, but with a price. Aladdin, a street rat, uses the lamp to turn himself into a prince in an attempt to marry a princess. However, others want their wishes granted too, making it a dangerous scenario for everyone involved.

7. ‘Maleficent’ – 54% critics, 70% audience ratings

Following the story of an evil villain, viewers discover the true darkness behind Maleficent’s heart. As she puts a curse on the king’s newborn child, Maleficent quickly realizes the child may bring peace to her and the land.

8. ‘The Lion King’ – 53% critics, 88% audience ratings

As a king of a lion pride, his son must learn and rise into place as the future king. While King Mufasa is training his newborn, Simba, a darker threat lurking within their inner circle rises to power.

9. ‘Alice in Wonderland’ – 51% critics, 55% audience ratings

Alice is united with the friends she always has dreams about. With the approach of adulthood, Alice must decide to stay adventurous in her dreams, or leave her friends behind.

10. ‘Dumbo’ – 47% critics, 49% audience ratings

A family-oriented movie  telling a story of life in the circus. Dumbo, an elephant, is considered a joke because of his oversized ears. He quickly becomes the special act of the show with his incredible talent.

11. ‘Maleficent: Mistress of Evil’ – 40% critics, 95% audience ratings

Maleficent and Aurora, the king’s daughter, have a loving relationship now. But a new enemy rises to tear apart the peace in their newfound relationship.

12. ‘Alice Through the Looking Glass’ – 29% critics, 48% audience ratings

Alice goes back into Underland to save her friend, the Mad Hatter. She embarks on an adventure involved with time travel and learns more about her friends.