Former BGSU receiver Scott Miller earns praise from Tom Brady

Reese Lannon and Reese Lannon

Hard work has never been an issue for Scott Miller. The issue has been the constant overlooking of his game. But Tom Brady thinks he could become a reliable receiver, he said on Friday.

Despite a decorated college career as a star for Falcons football and over 200 career receptions for nearly 3,000 yards and 23 touchdowns, NFL scouts couldn’t get over Miller’s smaller frame and smaller school in BGSU — which competes in the Mid-American Conference. He was drafted in the sixth round of the 2019 NFL draft by the Tampa Bay Buccaneers, the same team Brady is the quarterback for.

Miller had a very modest rookie year with 13 catches, but the Buccaneers were never in the playoff race in 2019. Things changed this offseason, as the team opted to not resign former #1 overall pick Jameis Winston, instead signing acclaimed quarterback Tom Brady — a six-time Super Bowl winner for the New England Patriots — and his former top target Rob Gronkowski, among others.

Brady has thrived for years without “big name talent” at skill positions, and it’s a change of pace in that regard going to Tampa Bay. He now has all-pro receiver Mike Evans, emerging star Chris Godwin, a former Pro Bowl tight end in Gronkowski and a multitude of different running backs. And Miller may have a chance to emerge with that group.

Brady had Julian Edelman — a former 7th round pick from Kent State’s MAC conference who fits the same receiver profile as Miller — become one of the most storied receivers in Patriots history. Why can’t Miller fit that same role as Edelman did? It will take a lot of work to develop a strong connection with Brady, but in an offense with a lot of big-name deep play threats, Miller could be an underrated underneath receiver that the Buccaneers need.

“He’s just another great, consistent, dependable, trustworthy player. He’s everything we talk about. He retains, you know, and takes it to the next practice, and he’s displaying things and showing to everybody that he deserves a big role. You can trust where he’s going to be. He makes the plays when they come his way. He’s really fun to work with and fun to see grow from the day that I got here,” Brady said on Friday.

High praise from a guy who knows a thing or two about winning. Miller seems to be in Brady’s good graces, and that would be huge for him. He might not be a home-run threat to any extent, but Brady has given heavy targets to underneath receivers before in New England. There’s no inclination that he is going to stop that in Tampa Bay.

Miller certainly has a way to go at the NFL level, and just because he is slated to have opportunities does not guarantee that he will take advantage of them. However, he is slated to have a better chance to have an impact in a high-profile Buccaneer offense, so it will be interesting to see how the former Falcon produces in his second NFL season.