Streaming in February: What to watch this month


Streaming 1/28

Andrew Bailey and Andrew Bailey

Spring semester has begun again, but the winds of Bowling Green are not ideal for leaving your room. Here’s a few new movies and shows coming to streaming this February to keep you entertained while you snuggle up inside.


‘Locke & Key’

Streaming on: Netflix

Based on the comic series of the name by Joe Hill, “Locke & Key” is about the three Locke siblings who move into the Keyhouse, a home inhabited by their ancestors. The historic manor contains a portal to another dimension full of Lovecraftian horrors, and the Lockes must do whatever they can to keep the demons from escaping.

Although a television adaptation failed to entice audiences back in 2011, with the Muschietti sibling-duo of Andy and Barbara, known for “It” and “Mama,” on board, and a cast of rising actors like Connor Jessup, Emilia Jones and Griffin Gluck, “Locke & Key” looks to be an intriguing world to get lost in.


‘Honey Boy’

Streaming on: Amazon Prime

After realizing he has PTSD from his childhood while in rehab, Shia LaBeouf began writing the screenplay for the darkly humorous and emotionally heavy semi-autobiography “Honey Boy.”

Based on his own childhood and his relationship with his own abusive, troubled father, LaBeouf shares his story by portraying the man himself.

Not only is the movie written by, acted in and based upon the younger years of an incredibly polarizing figure in Hollywood, it is the feature film debut of award-winning documentary director, Alma Har’el and musician FKA Twigs, alongside a cast of established actors like Lucas Hedges, Maika Monroe and Noah Jupe.

Love him or hate him, LaBeouf has no shortage of fascinating qualities and will surely bring them to the screen here.



Streaming on: Amazon Prime

Ain’t nothin’ like some good ol’ Nazi huntin.’

In 1977, New York City, a Fourth Reich is on the rise. It’s up to Meyer Hoffman (Al Pacino) and his wild gang of Nazi hunters to put a stop to their nefarious plans.

Coming off the back of “The Irishman,” Pacino’s presence in the trailer provides the perfect leader for a cast of actors from all over Hollywood, like Josh Radnor, Logan Lerman, Tiffany Boone and even Carol Kane. Behind the scenes, the show seems even more promising with Jordan Peele as an executive producer and Nelson McCormick, director of the acclaimed “Speak of the Devil” episode of “Daredevil,” to helm three episodes.


‘High Fidelity’

Streaming on: Hulu

Adapted from one of my personal favorite books ever written by Nick Hornby, “High Fidelity” is about a down-on-their-luck, mopey owner of a middling record store who is obsessed with top five lists — their latest being their top five breakups, including the one in progress.

The book was first adapted for the screen in the 2000 film starring John Cusack as the main character Rob. This time around, the character will be played by Zöe Kravitz.

According to Veronica West, executive producer of the show, in a Television Critics Association press tour, changing the main character’s gender will still keep the “core central conflict of the character,” but provide a different struggle for its female lead than what is commonly seen in romantic comedies, like finding the right guy or being self-destructive.