New Dreamworks DVD released this month

Eric Hann and Eric Hann

The recent movie, “The Ring” has come out on DVD. The film, which is based on the popular 1998 Japanese film “Ringu,” was so popular in Japan that they have already released a sequel and have a television series based on.

“The Ring” draws from the original and the sequel giving it a somewhat new and exciting twist. This film may be rated PG-13, but the amount of terror is not toned down at all. The films plot and disturbing images keep you on the edge of your seat at all times. This is a classic example of an urban myth about a video that if watched will kill you in seven days after receiving a phone call when the video is over sounds a little far fetched. bBut after four teenagers die after watching the video, Rachel Keller (Naomi Watts) becomes intrigued by the myth.

“The Ring”‘s cinematography and visual effects are amazing. The visuals throughout the film are very disturbing and are placed together piece by piece on the way to find out who made the film and why. With the help of eerie music the audience is kept wondering when something is going to pop out of thin air. New horror movies with a well-written script don’t come around very often. It is refreshing to see a horror movie that isn’t ‘the sixth’ or higher remake of a classic horror movie. The acting is terrific especially by Naomi Watts who portrayed an investigative journalist.

This film is guaranteed to make the audience jump or at least give them goosebumps. It is like a scary roller-coaster ride that will not be forgotten anytime soon.

Grade: B+