Rock ‘n’ roll band plays in Toledo

By Joanna Hammer


Heavy metal legend Max Cavalera is coming to Toledo. After leaving the band Sepultura he quickly formed Soulfly. Now they’re set to rock ‘n’ roll this Wednesday at Headliners, the Old Hard Hat Concert Hall.

Cavalera co-founded Sepultura in the early 1980s. Once the band broke up in 1996 he wasted little time in forming the heavy metal band Soulfly.

Cavalera dealt with depression following the murder of his stepson. He not only lost his son, Dana Wells, during that horrific moment in his life, but he lost his best friend as well. Where others would give up, music became Cavalera’s therapy. Thus came the inspiration for Soulfly.

Steve Dwyer, the drummer from OnceOver, is excited to open for Soulfly. He said the entire band grew up listening to Soulfly, including all of their earlier projects.

“To share the stage with a band that we have looked up to is a dream come true,” Dwyer said.

“Not to mention intimidating as hell!” he added.

Despite some anxiety he said they are excited about pulling together to make this show not only memorable for OnceOver, but also memorable for everyone who attends the show.

Jonathan Anderson, promotions and booking manager for The Verso Group, said Soulfly has been one of his favorite acts for four years due to the spiritual leadership of Cavalera. He knew he had to bring them to Headliners.

“Soulfly is an act that combines spirituality, tribal guitars and unleashes an awesome spate of songs,” Anderson said. “Plus Max Cavalera is a legend and is respected by the music industry and millions of fans world wide.”

Cavalera not only fronted Sepultura, but he has made many other impacts on the music industry.

He has spoken at the College Music Journal Conference in New York City in 1997.

Among his accomplishments, he made a cameo on The Deftone’s breakthrough album Around the Fur. In addition, the people of Brazil, his native country, will soon see him in a series of Sprite commercials.

Anderson said he is excited to bring a band of Soulfly’s stature because Headliners recently underwent several renovations. Now the venue offers three separate rooms, a patio and a restaurant all in one.

Steve said he thought the music scene in Toledo was going to fall apart after the closing of the Main Event, another concert venue. He said he’s glad to see a club like Headliners bringing national acts to the city, especially Soulfly.

“They bring in huge national acts, so the scene has been restored to normal, and then some,” Dwyer said.

Meredith Alspach, a big Soulfly fan, is eager to attend the show. “Max Cavalera is hot,” Alspach said. “End of story.”

In addition to Cavalera, Soulfly includes Roy “Rata” Mayorga on drums, Jackson Bandeira on second guitar and former Sepultura roadie Marcello D. Rapp on bass.

All together, Soulfly has produced three albums; their most recent accomplishment being Soulfly 3.

Soulfly will play Headliners, at 4500 North Detroit Wednesday with openers Sworn Enemy, E-Town Concrete and OnceOver. Doors open at 7 p.m. and tickets are $15.