BG up against Buckeyes

Chris Willig and Chris Willig

The Falcons baseball team will be on the road this week after a four game homestand against Marshall. The Falcons are scheduled to take on Big Ten powerhouse Ohio State. The single game is scheduled to take place today at 6:35 p.m. in Columbus. Today’s non-conference game for the Falcons is right in the middle of the Falcons Mid-American Conference schedule. The last eight games for the Falcons have been MAC games, and included games against Marshall and Northern Illinois. Following the Ohio State game the Falcons will continue MAC play, with upcoming games scheduled against Western Michigan and Ball State.

This non-conference game might be a welcome sight for the Falcons who have lost five of their last six MAC games, and after two consecutive losses to Marshall, the Falcons are hoping to break this small skid and improve in the standings. Bowling Green, however, has not been as successful on the road this year. They are currently 4-10 on the road and 13-19 overall.

Bowling Green coach Danny Schmitz hopes his team will increase their intensity and toughness for today’s game and throughout the rest of the season. Today’s game for the Falcons could also serve as a momentum starter for the rest of the season. After the game against the Buckeyes, the Falcons have 12 conference games left, and could definitely make a late run in the MAC.

The Ohio State Buckeyes, however, are on quite a winning streak. The Buckeyes have won 14 of their last 16 games, including five consecutive games. Currently the Buckeyes are coming off a sweep of Big Ten rival, Purdue.

Following today’s game, the Buckeyes continue their homestand and are scheduled to take on their biggest rival, Michigan. The four-game series between the Buckeyes and the Wolverines, scheduled for this weekend, could also have serious implications in the home stretch of the Big Ten Conference.

The Buckeyes might be one the toughest teams the Falcons have faced all season. However, a victory against the 27-12 Buckeyes will boost the teams’ morale going into the last part of the season.