David Horowitz speaks for the under-represented republicans at U.

Mike Woodall and Mike Woodall

Should the U. sponsor a radical speaker? This is the question asked by Joel Wendland in his letter to the editor. Should other groups like the College Republicans not get the same kind of funding for speakers as the College Democrats and other groups on campus? Should people not get to hear the views of others? In Mr. Horowitz’s speech this is exactly what he talked about. You do not get a good education if you do not hear both sides of the story. The liberal bias on campus has run amuck. I feel threatened in my classes in which I do not agree with what the teacher is saying. When a teacher, whose name I will not disclose, asked the class to picket this event, I was apprehensive to get up and speak my views. I did speak about the event but am always afraid that my grade might be affected.

It is also very odd that you cannot see the bias on campus because even the The BG News did not print an article about David Horowitz before the event. On the other hand The News was able to put an article, on the front page, about Jerry Springer two weeks before he is to come. Now speak about “radical” views.

This man daily degrades the strange, sick and poor and distorts their lives to make a good television show. I will not even mention his personal life problems. No one has an objection with him because, yeah, that’s right, he’s a liberal. This is also one of the very few times that the College Republicans have received funding for an event. Other members and I were surprised to receive funding for this event. Most of our funding came from the group Young America’s Foundation.

In the letter, it was written that he thinks “slavery was a good thing for black people and fascists and Nazis made a positive contribution to history.” David Horowitz was a key spokesman for the 1996 California Civil Rights Initiative which barred government from discriminating against or granting preferential treatment to any individual or group on the basis of race, sex, color, ethnicity or national origin. He, along with Ward Connerly, is trying to pass a Racial Privacy initiative which will prevent government agencies from asking citizens about their race. He is a civil rights activist. I know many of you out there like those. So you can go burn the flag and protest war.

This man has also fought for the equal rights of people like me — republicans. He brings issues to the table so he and others can take action. Issues that include the fact that 83 percent of all campus graduation speakers are liberals or democrats. That liberals and democratic teachers compose over 90 percent of the staff of universities that he has visited. In conjunction with this he has found that Conservative groups receive 75 percent less funding from universities. He is making efforts to allow all students in the classroom to have equal speech and not be threatened by their teachers. If men like David Horowitz do not fight for me, who will?