BGSU creates Friends of Humane Society

A new campus organization is being started to help the Humane Society of the Bowling Green community.

The new group, Friends of the Humane Society, was once an organization on campus about three years ago, but faded out when its leaders graduated.

Beverly Baumgartner will re-start the group, along with the help of adviser Andrew Hershberger, assistant professor of contemporary art history.

Friends of the Humane Society has about 15 members so far, but anticipates having at least 50 members by the end of the semester, Baumgartner said. Leaders of the organization hope to have the fraternities and sororities on campus, along with other interested groups, join in order to do more for the animals and help fund raising.

Some well-established fund raisers are done throughout the year to raise money for the Humane Society, including the Mutt Strutt and a walk-a-thon that is held at the Doyt Perry Field. Other fund raisers include the Holiday Parade, Santa Photos, the Spring Golf Outing and garage sales.

Students interested in becoming a part of Friends of the Humane Society and helping the animals of the community, should come to the meetings held every Thursday evening from 6-7 in 114 Business Administration building, Baumgartner said.

Members then meet at convenient times for them at the shelter during the week and weekend in order to walk dogs, groom and bathe the dogs and cats, play with the animals and more. When asked how the organization will be able to help the community of Bowling Green, Baumgartner answers, “Friends of the Humane Society will help the Humane Society by volunteering their time to care and love the animals and to help in fund raising. Members of the organization will gain lots in return.”