Students can shape the future of BGSU

The University is giving students the opportunity to shape the future of the residence halls on campus.

A housing survey was issued by the University to gain feedback as to what students feel needs improvement. It is nice to see the University taking into consideration the thoughts of the students. And why shouldn’t they? Students are the ones who are living in the buildings.

Hanbury Evans Wright Vlattas the architecture and consulting company that is creating the Residence Life master plan, specializes in creating learning-friendly room designs. Their plans have been used by many different universities including Kent State University.

If you haven’t already guessed, the University is considering remodeling residence halls on campus to bring them up to today’s student demands. The oldest halls may be dealt with first, such as Rodgers Quadrangle.

These potential changes seems to be more publicized than recent actions involving Residence Life. Let’s take, for example, FlexFunds.

Some students felt that the FlexFund policy was a bit of a surprise and that the University didn’t consult the general public before implemented the unpopular plan. This is not the case, thus far, with the possible plans to remodel.

The University is putting forth a lot of effort to get students’ opinions of on-campus living. In fact, the consulting firm will be back on campus in the spring. to hold workshops to gain student feedback on ideas.

But what will be the cost of this master plan?

Don’t panic yet. The architectural and consulting company is only making a master plan, the cost is yet to be determined. However, be warned that with any major 15-year remodeling plan comes a price.

Students will be unhappy to hear that the money will come from a University increase in room and board cost. As unhappy as students might be, they shouldn’t be surprised if and when it happens.

To take the housing survey visit: and click on the “Shape the Future at BGSU Housing Survey” link.


Week of Dec. 8, 2003: Initial market analysis and facility assessment findings.

Week of Feb. 23, 2004: Campus workshop on renovation/new building concepts.

Week of March 23, 2004: Draft recommendations completed.

May 2004: Final presentation of Residence Life master plan.