Shuttle bus needs to have additional stops

I have a question for all University students: What if a shuttle bus added a trip downtown to its route?

This may cut down drastically on drunken driving, but I find it hard to picture a group full of college students singing merrily on a shuttle bus heading for the bars.

Even though it would be helpful for them to provide this service, it makes me wonder who would want to drive it after two in the morning? This is the typical time the bus stops running and I can’t imagine someone jumping for joy at the prospect of carting drunk people around.

At the same time, it’s a designated driver, isn’t it? For this reason, it seems other universities might be catching on.

For example, Ohio State has a shuttle to the bars. Granted, the campus is in a downtown metropolitan area, which some may argue more easily allows for added shuttles. The Ohio State bus does have a restriction: you must be 21 to ride the bus. It runs from 9:30 p.m. to 2:15 a.m.

Additional stops for the University shuttle would be a safer form of transportation if students get reckless or carried away at thg bars. Come hell or high water they’re going to and from the bar, even if they have to walk,which can be scary for girls.

Just think of it: You’re standing on the corner by Downtown, it’s closing time and you can’t remember where you’ve parked for some reason. What do you hear and see off in the distance? The familiar hum and glow of the ever-trusty shuttle. What other choice would you have?

Depending on what kind of schedule the route would adopt, it could be utilized in the daytime for shopping, and in the evening for various nocturnal activities. This could potentially cut down on traffic among the main streets, plus it just may generate a (albeit small) leap in the financial well-being of the city of Bowling Green. It seems there is a lot of progress and change going on in BG. Now, there are more and more new restaurants and shops, an art gallery and a newly renovated library, many of which students possibly have not yet experienced.

This is not to say students don’t go downtown, but with a bus, they would have more options of when to go, and less of their options are limited by the weather and a lack of transportation.

So much stands in the way of a good time. Typically, in a group of friends, someone asks, “Okay, what can we do that’s fun, and doesn’t cost anything?” Unfortunately, the answer to this question never seems to come. This proposal also doesn’t give an answer, but it does give you the option of at least getting there and back safely and for free (well, technically free).

Some of you may be asking, why did she write this, and why am I reading it? I can’t answer the second question, but I’ll attempt the first.

This idea came to me while talking to a friend and when pressed from something to opinionate, I thought of this. It’s a simple idea resulting from a singular important act: questioning. I think that in order for any institution or society to thrive, we have to question the way things are done and create new solutions to old problems.

Sure, it may not have been a problem per se, but it just might be a small solution to other problems.