Free programs: enjoy them while you can

Tuesday is National Depression Screening Day and the Student Health Center will be offering free screenings for all students who think that they might have depression.

Once students get into the “real world,” they will not have nearly the amount of luxuries and extra activities for free as they do in college.

Many times students may take for granted the free items that they are able to take advantage of during their college career.

The University offers many activities, programs and other odds and ends items that other people who are not students do not have the pleasure of for free.

For example, the Student Recreational Center offers several aerobics classes, workout programs and other fitness workshops that students are able to attend.

Some students might not take advantage of some of these programs for various reasons, but once they are out of college the chance for all these free things will be gone.

Granted that students pay tuition and all the programs and events are included in the money that they pay to go here. However, students have to pay tuition regardless.

Free or not, students should really take advantage of everything they are being given or at least as much as they can.

Once they are out of college students will have to pay to go to the gym if they want to work out or at least buy gym equipment. Almost everything that the University offers in a package deal with the tuition will become extra bills once students graduate.

Students don’t realize sometimes how good they have it. They can go to the Union and watch movies for free, go to the health center and receive physical and counciling for free. They can also have a roof over their heads along with cable, Internet, phone and other residence hall items for one lump sum.

Most people in the real world would love to be able to pay lump sum to have health benefits, fitness programs and many other activities.

Also, not only does the University offer many programs and things for free but they also provide students with budgets to run student organizations, which help them build resumes as well as learn responsibility while taking an interest in something they enjoy.

If students really look at it in a bigger picture they would realize that they don’t have it hard yet.

So if there are days when you feel like taking a nap instead of going to the Rec to work out, just remember that you will not always have the luxuries of being able to walk over to a gym and walk in the door unless you have a season pass. So take advantage of what you have as a student.

The free depression screenings will be held at 320 Saddlemire between 11 a.m. – 3 p.m.