New plan makes scheduling easier

When students register online for spring semester, they should be able to do so much quicker. Instead of only having three starting times for students, each day will be divided into nine different starting times. With more starting times, there will be smaller groups of students accessing registration at each time, which will make for a quicker system response time.

Another change being made is that the telephone registration system, STAR, will not be available after the end of December. The system has been used since the late 1980s and is used by fewer students each semester. The system is outdated and cannot be maintained any longer.

Students can find the new registration schedule and times in the printed schedule books that are now available in the residence halls, the Union and in the Administration Building. Students can also access the schedule of classes on the BGSU Web site. The schedule booklet will continue to be printed only for a short time.

The Internet version is kept up-to-date with changes in class offerings and has more information about each class.

Registration for spring semester begins Monday. Students can also check registration times on the Registration and Records home page.

“Students who haven’t seen their advisers already should make appointments as soon as possible,” Rebecca McOmber, registrar in Registration and Records said. “Students should print an updated DARS report to take with them to their advising appointments.

McOmber also said students should also plan to register as soon as the registration schedule allows them to access MyBGSU Web portal.

This, McOmber said, will give them the best selection of class sections and keep them from worrying about their spring schedules over the semester break. Students can also try to get on wait lists or make alternative scheduling ideas.