Arena is not equipped for concerts

There are two points I agreed with in the article about the homecoming concert: The first being that not many people showed up to the concert. And the second being that the sound system was horrible for the third year in a row. What can I say?

Anderson arena just isn’t made concerts, but I do think that the closer you were to the stage, the better the sound was. Other than that, the article about the concert was some of the most inaccurate reporting I have ever read. I don’t know how many people remember last years Ludacris concert, but the only thing that saved the concert was that it was Ludacris himself on stage.

Nappy Roots brought a lot of energy and excitement to the crowd. Whenever I looked around the crowd seemed to be very into the music, especially more than last years concert. The truth is that it was only when Nappy’s gig was up that the excitement died down. If anything, the energy decreased by10 fold when Black Eyed Peas went on stage. People were leaving in large crowds as Nappy ended and as Black Eyed Peas began their first few songs. I thought the Black Eyed Peas music was different, but they offered nothing to get too excited about. I actually left the concert after one of their band members referred to BG as Toledo for the third time, and I know I wasn’t the only person upset about that. All in all, Nappy Roots has been the best act I have seen here at the university, and I suggest to those who thought Black Eyed Peas saved the concert, to lay off the “joints” they were passing around.