Storm rocks Bowling Green

Maintenance crews were out in full force yesterday trying to repair as much storm damage that they could.

The storm that hit Bowling Green late afternoon yesterday caused significant damage to the airport, Perry Field House and other spots on campus.

The storm ripped the roof off the airport hanger, damaged planes and caused other major problems. No one were injured. Estimates for damages to both the airport and Field House will be released tomorrow.

Other buildings that have known roof tiles missing and leaks include Harshman Quadrangle, Mcdonald Hall, Olscamp, Moore Musical Arts Center, the Student Health Center, and the Business Administration Building. Other places on campus also got hit hard, but damages are still uncertain.

A maintenance staff employee said it is going to cost quite a bit of money to repair all the damage on campus.

Diane Whitmire, administrative secretary to the faculty senate, was in an office surrounded by windows when she received a call from her son during the storm.

“He was in the BA building and said that they were moving some kids from the third floor down because the roof was starting to sag,” Whitmire said. “He told me to get out of my office and away from the windows.”

DeeDee Wentland received a call from a friend while she was at work.

“My friend told me that the awning at Meijer had fallen on her husband’s truck,” said Wentland, administrative assistant for the College of Business Administration.

The campus is not the only place in town that experienced major damages.

The storm caused several fires around town and flooded several roads.

Right after the storm, traffic halted on Wooster Street because a tree in front of the McFall Center had fallen to block half the road. The storm uprooted other trees on campus, and lighting struck others.

One tree lay hanging partly on the roof of the Health Center, possibly breaking through its window.

Sue Mota, a professor of legal studies, came into work early due to a black out at her home. Several other people mentioned that their homes lost electricity, too.

Maintenance crews said it is going to take a little time and money to complete repairs.