Poor fan support needs to change

Once again, this past weekend I sat in Doyt Perry Stadium thinking just how pathetic the game attendance was. A whole 13 or 14 thousand showed up and didn’t even fill the stands to half capacity.

Nice to see the Greeks had such school spirit and decided that they had better things to do on a Saturday night than show up at the game.

Who schedules rush on a football night? The ones that did show up know how important showing support is and should be applauded for their appearance.

In case you haven’t seen in the papers or heard on the news, we have an unbeaten football team heading down to Ohio State this week and a team that has already knocked off No.16 Purdue. It’s a team that has a very strong chance at beating Ohio State and is extremely exciting to watch.

Josh Harris is a Heisman hopeful this year and is on fire again to begin this season for the Falcons. He was the USA Today player of the week after the win against Purdue, where he threw for over 300 yards against one of the top teams in the country.

What does it take to get people interested in watching this team?

Another thing, I know there are a lot of Ohio State fans here at BG and they want to see the Buckeyes win the national title again this year.

For this reason, on Saturday they will be pulling for the Buckeyes to beat the school they go to and should be rooting for.

True Ohio State is a strong team, but they’ll probably lose this year anyway, so why not have them lose to our Falcons?

It would be the biggest win in Falcon football history if we were to upset the defending national champions on their turf and show that there are other teams in Ohio besides the Buckeyes, who are capable of playing good football.

I hope in the future here, that we can not only draw more people to the games, but organizations will start putting school before their own activities.

Organizations were formed on this campus to go show school spirit and promote it. That hasn’t been apparent so far this year and needs to change right here and right now.