Students ready for pudding dive

Twenty-five students will be jumping into a pool of pudding tonight for a chance to win various prizes.

Pepsi and the University Dining Services is sponsoring the “Pepsi Vanilla in the Puddin’ Promo” Puddin’ Plunge. The twenty-five participants will be searching through a kiddie pool filled with vanilla pudding for Pepsi bottle caps. The caps will be numbered and each number will correspond with a prize.

All twenty-five finalists will receive a free Pepsi t-shirt. They will be competing for four X-Boxes, Five $50 University Book store gift certificates, and four packable chairs.

“Students who are participating have a chance to win great prizes and this is good for those who really, really like pudding,” said Curt Harris, who is Graphic Coordinator for dining services.

Finalists entered the contest by purchasing Pepsi Vanilla or Diet Pepsi Vanilla between September 10 through the 24 then entered their names. On September 26th Dining Services selected twenty-five names from all of the valid entries. These are the people who will be taking the puddin’ plunge today.

“I just signed up for the heck of it, when I got chosen, I thought why not?” said junior Katie Hursh. “It will be something different, that I have never done before.”

Those selected were: Nathan Dike, Brian Knape, Chris DeDroff, Pat O’Sullivan, Danielle McPhillips, Jake Young, Angie Franzer, Joe Finney, Katie Hursh, Mike Diller, Cory Moyer, Patrick Boyle, Dan Bieleicz, Brent Arnold, Tony Strode, Jim Carr, Matt Kraut, Alex Schaeff, Tracy Bender, Monica Kado, Delarro Green, Amanda Echler, Joe Rosa, Daniel Royer, Jonathan Rivera.

“I am participating in the puddin’ plunge because I thought it would be fun and I have a good chance of winning since there are only twenty-five contestants, said Nathan Dike. “My strategy is just to have a good time.”

This is the second Puddin’ plunge at Bowling Green. The other similar event was held in the spring of 2001 at the Founders Keepers Food Court.

All students are invited to come watch. The event will be October 1 at 9 p.m. in front of the Falcons Nest at the Bowen-Thompson Student Union.

Dinning Services feels that it should be an entertaining event for participants and spectators.

“At the last plunge participants were covered head to toe with pudding from, among other things, doing somersaults into the pudding,” Harris said.