BiG Charge should be available to use at other places

Another year, another tuition hike. With the rising cost of tuition, a college degree becomes more and more financially challenging.

Some people are fortunate to have scholarships, grants or parents who are willing to pay for expenses while at college. Why not utilize a system that is already in place to save all students money? Why not let students buy merchandise off campus if they desire? Many schools have cards that allow private businesses to post charges to the account with the university receiving a percentage of the sale.

What does this do for the students? Well, this actually does a number of things. Take buying books for example. If you receive a book scholarship or grant, you can price shop your books to maximize its amount. In the current system, you often pay more because you only have the option of buying from one place. As an example, a student this semester that shopped at our store purchased all of her textbooks and some supplies totaling approximately $390.00. After talking to her parents, she was informed to return all of the merchandise because they needed the transaction placed on her BiG charge. She subsequently purchased the same merchandise at the University Bookstore, where she could use her BiG charge, totaling $489.00. By using her BiG charge, her parents had to pay an additional $99.00, 25 percent more than her original purchase. Does it seem fair that since she was limited to using her BiG charge at the University Bookstore, she had to pay an additional 25 percent for her merchandise?

Waiting in long lines can also be reduced. Why force students to stand in line for an hour because there is only one store permitted to accept the BiG charge? By allowing the BiG charge off-campus, students would have the ability to choose where they want to shop.

There are endless examples as to the benefit of allowing the BiG charge off campus. The BuckID card at The Ohio State University has been allowed off campus for a number of years now. The Ohio State University has allowed virtually every business, whether it be a book store, coffee shop, restaurant or any retail establishment to accept the BuckID card.

What would this do for the University? Well, how does a percentage of every item bought off-campus that is charged to their BiG charge sound. Imagine the university increasing revenue without raising tuition 10% every year. Not to say tuition increases could be eliminated by this plan, but increased revenue for the University with little effort is something that should be looked at.

The Ohio State University seemed to think that is was a sound fiscal decision. Why shouldn’t Bowling Green State University review this plan?

Kent Kokomoor