Alumni company shows positive signs

Dana Yonke and Dana Yonke

After its second year in Bowling Green, Sign Me Up has given the city a lot to look at.

University alumni Mike Nole and his employees at Sign Me up are dedicated to making Bowling Green businesses look good. Nole has had a history of making signs. His interest started when he had a job servicing signs, then learned how to build them himself. Nole graduated with a degree in technology which allowed him to take his interest in sign making and open his own sign shop.

The five employees at Sign Me Up all play a role in creating the signs that are seen around town. The graphics department creates the design and does most of the work on the computer, and then the fabrication department builds the sign and actually puts it together.

Sign Me Up does all of the work right in their Bowling Green store. From creating a logo on the computer to actually building the sign, it all happens in town. Nole said, “We are truly a custom shop.” They work with the businesses in order to make sure that the customer is satisfied.

“We are a one stop shop for someone starting a small business or looking to improve their business,” Nole said.

He defined a sign as, “A communication device whose message services the location.”

The sign does the talking for the busines s. Nextel reported to Sign Me Up after they bought new signs from the shop and found their business significantly improved.

Sign Me Up, located on Route 25 past the mall, has done many local area business’ signs and logos. Thank the crew at Sign Me Up for creating the University’s new soccer and softball signs that are now up. And soon a 40-foot baseball sign will be on display. They also created the Beartooth Mountaineering and Nate and Wally’s awnings.

“The creative team at Sign Me Up works together very well,” Nole said. “Success has come through teamwork, and there are always new challenges and ways to get through them.”

Sign Me Up also offers screen-printing for student organizations and businesses. They are interested in servicing campus organizations and would like to do more work with student groups.

“Having a clear and easy to spot sign for a business can make a big difference. They work for you 24 hours a day and can significantly improve business. No one can find you if you don’t have a good sign,” Nole said.

Sign Me Up also gives back to the community; they donate monthly to local charities such as Habitat for Humanity, the American Cancer Society, the BG Christian Food Pantry, and the Wood County Agriculture Society.