Letters to the Editor: Wed., December 2, 2004

Brandon Drake and Brandon Drake

U.S. accepts all religions equally

Our country uses phrases such as “One nation under God” and sometimes displays the Ten Commandments in courthouses. Where is the problem? The government is not pressuring anyone to worship in any particular manner.

America was established partly as a place to escape religious persecution. So far, the country has done a good job of accepting any and all religions.

But, lets face it — the majority of the people in America are Christians. Is it right for a Christian in Pakistan to become upset because they see quotes about Muhammad on a courthouse? Absolutely not. Pakistan’s population is majority Muslim.

They aren’t pushing any religion upon anyone — they are simply stating what they believe. That is what the politicians in the U.S. are doing by keeping phrases such as “One nation under God” and “In God we trust” in our government’s language.

Contrary to what people seem to believe, it is possible to accept all religions in a country that is openly a majority Christian nation.

Why erase one of the defining characteristics of our country?