Head Coach Scot Loeffler Cleared to Return After Being Hospitalized

Ben Shanahan , Reporter

News broke last week that Bowling Green State University Football head coach Scot Loeffler would not travel with the team for last Saturday’s game against SEC opponent Mississippi, after a serious medical condition. This condition required him to stay in the hospital for two days. 


When Falcon Media reached out to Bowling Green Athletics last week, they said he was expected to return to his Monday press conference, which he did.


At the press conference he was asked if he will travel with the team to Akron. 


“Thought it was acid reflux. Woke up Sunday morning spitting up blood and on Sunday I couldn’t lay down every sign of a heart attack you could imagine, On Monday I was not able to walk up and down the stairs, called the doctor who came over late and told me to go to the hospital. I had blood clots where there are not suppose to be. It was a long week. I don’t ever want to miss a game but thought the team handled it well,” Loeffler said. 


Loeffler later confirmed that he still will not be able to travel on airplanes for a while, and he was making sure he didn’t come back too early. 


“I just have to be smart about it,” Loeffler said. 


Without Leoffler or starting Quarterback Matt Mcdonald, the Falcons lost to Mississippi State 45-14. They now look to bounce back when they open up the MAC play against division rival, Akron. 


During the press conference, Leoffler talked good news heading the Falcons way. Memphis transfer center Jackari Robinson was cleared to play by the NCAA this past Friday. 


“The best Friday you could ever imagine, I was studying for Akron when the phone rang…We have been waiting for it,” Loeffler said. 


He critized the transfer portal rules by saying he isn’t a fan of the process, but Jackari will help the Falcon’s offensive line.

“I do not like the process at all because of how many holes, problems and inconsistency that it brings. It is an issue that needs to be fixed…If we were told about the information we have he should’ve been cleared in January,” Loeffler said during the press conference.  


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