Of Mice And Men plays at Cla-Zel

Reporter and Reporter

Stage diving, flashing lights and mosh pits were a few of the things seen at the Of Mice and Men concert at the Cla-Zel on Friday night.

Hard core bands opened the night such as Affairs, Goodbye Blue Skies and Chunk! No Captain, Chunk! to a crowd of more than 200 people. Innovation Concerts from Toledo hosted the show.

Chris Marshall, guitarist and vocalist for Goodbye Blue Skies, said performing at the Cla-Zel was the second time his band has performed in the city and this time more people attended than the first time when they played at Howard’s Club H.

“Everyone was interacting between the band and the crowd,” Marshall said. “The kids were going extra crazy tonight which made it a great show.”

Each band encouraged the crowd to keep moving and to sing along to each song performed.

Broc Curry, president at Innovation Concerts, said it was there was a large turnout from the crowd and presale tickets alone sold fast. The night went smooth without any problems occurring, which is always a positive thing, he said.

“I thought the bands had a really great time on stage,” Curry said. “Everything was awesome and it’s always good to have a show where we could market everything for the show and have a successful turnout.”

Tommy Meeker, freshman, said he first saw Of Mice and Men at the Vans Warped Tour last summer, which helped make his decision to see the band perform again, this time at the Cla-Zel.

“I really like how they scream a lot, with their music and when they’re on stage” Meeker said. “The energy from the band and the crowd was awesome.”

This show was one of four shows to be played on the off-dates from its tour with bands Chunk! No, Captain Chunk! and A Day To Remember on the “Right Back at it Again Tour.”

“If people come out to a show and support an artist, then we can put on a great show,” Curry said.