Amish deli moves location closer to University

Reporter and Reporter

After seven years of serving food in the Woodland Mall, Lori Hamler, owner of A Taste of Amish Deli, decided it was time to move her business closer to the University.

“When I first started the business at the mall, it just felt like a business,” Hamler said. “Now that we have moved, it feels like I’m finally at home.”

The store officially opened March 15 and is located on Wooster Street in place of Little Miss Cupcake’s, which went out of business during the summer.

Even though Little Miss Cupcake’s went out of business so fast, Hamler said she wasn’t sure why it did, but she isn’t intimidated by the previous business’s failure.

“I know it’s new and it’s going to dwindle a little, but it’s a unique place and it’s cozy,” Hamler said.

Hamler was introduced to Amish food after she visited the Troyer Cheese Company in Holmes County, Ohio more than seven years ago. She sells cheeses, pies, deli products, pickles, jams, salads and homemade ice cream.

“Our salads are huge,” Hamler said. “Everything here is big and I think that’s a great thing. We do fresh sandwiches everyday.”

The store was opened with support from the mayor and its business neighbors as the deli shop cut the ribbon to begin business.

Tasha Barror, assistant manager, said she loves the new location of the store because many people couldn’t make it out to the mall due to it being an inconvenience.

“Our new place is more homey and now it’s our own space,” Barror said. “It’s better and we’ve been bringing in more customers.”

Hamler said she enjoys serving food to students at the University and offers deals to any student with a college ID. One of the main reasons the store switched locations closer to the University was because of the students, she said.

“They love my sandwiches,” Hamler said. “I give them these deals because it’s something that I support.”

Katie Chicotel, senior, used to eat at the deli in the mall, but the previous location was inconvenient for her. She likes to support and contribute to small businesses, she said.

“I like the new atmosphere and I like helping out its community,” Chicotel said. “The food is delicious and now that it’s right downtown, I plan on eating there more often.”

Hamler said she is confident in the stores growth and doesn’t think her store’s location will be going anywhere anytime soon again.

“It’s different and it’s not like any place you can go to in town. I know it’s going to stay here,” Hamler said.