Speed limit increased on six Ohio interstates

The Ohio Department of Transportation recently passed legislation permitting speeds to increase on certain sections on Interstate 75 from 65 to 70 mph, which was put into action July 1.

The final decision to put the discussion of change into action was released to the public in May, said Theresa Pollick, public information officer for ODOT.

There were six total interstates which increased speed limits totaling 570 miles out of 1,332 miles of interstate highways in Ohio. Interstates that were all changed to 70 mph include: I-70, I-71, I-75, I-76, I-77 and I-90, according to the ODOT press release, which was available in May.

Speed limit changes on I-75 begin just outside of Toledo going south until just north of Dayton. It does not include Findlay or Lima, according to the press release.

ODOT made 317 new signs that were placed right before the speed change in order to alert everyone, which totalled a cost of approximately $8,287.19, according to the press release.

The money came from the state’s transportation budget bill.

The signs that were replaced throughout the interstates were: eight “Reduced Speed Ahead” signs, 48 brand new speed limit signs and 261 sign pieces, which will overlay the current “65” number with the new speed limit number, according to the press release.

The interstates which were selected to up the speed limit to 70 mph are “outside urbanized areas,” according to the press release.