Media review: “This is Us”

Rating: A+

The documentary “This Is Us” features the band One Direction, and shows their rise to fame along with parts of their performance from the O2 Arena in London.

I went into the movie expecting nothing, and I can honestly say I didn’t consider myself a One Direction fan walking into the theater. After seeing the movie, I gained a large amount of respect for them and managed to gain five new celebrity crushes.

The members really can sing, and they do not seem to be letting the fame get to them.

One of the members even bought his mother and younger sisters a new house.

There are a lot of antics in the movie and it definitely proves that they really are just your average young boys who just happen to have an extraordinary job.

It felt as if not long after sitting down, the movie was already ending. It moved at a good pace and kept my attention the entire time.

Overall “This Is Us” exceeded my expectations and I do recommend it to other people. I would be lying if I said I wouldn’t see it again.