Coach returns to practice following suspension

BG assistant football coach Bill Durkin returned to the program Sunday following a seven-day administrative leave following charges of operation of a vehicle under the influence and another citation for an unrelated incident for driving with a suspended license.

Durkin agreed to terms to continue working for the program according to a press release from the athletic department that included a salary freeze, “termination for any additional criminal violations for alcohol and drugs.

He must provide documentation to the University that he is permitted by the state to operate a motor vehicle in connection with his coaching duties, he can never have more than six points on his driving record over a rolling three-year period and he must make two presentations on alcohol and drug awareness to student-athletes and athletic department staff,” according to the press release.

Durkin is in his fourth season as a coach for the BG football program and is currently the offensive line coach. Before coaching at BG, he held the same position at the University of Richmond from 2004-2007 and was the running back coach from 2000-2003.