Media Reviews: ” Pure Adulterated Joy” by Morning Parade

Album | Grade: B

The best part of alternative music is the hidden gems that you find when you least expect it.

The undiscovered diamonds in the rough are some of music’s best offerings, and the band Morning Parade is no exception. Hailing from Essex, England, Morning Parade is an alternative artist on the rise. This spring marks the release of their second studio album “Pure Adulterated Joy.”

After one play though, listeners can tell that Morning Parade does a fantastic job with their instrumentation. Lead singer Steve Sparrow’s vocals are unique and some of the best this year. Guitar is front and center in most tracks, and that’s fantastic.

Bands such as Vampire Weekend, AWOLNATION, Capital Cities and Two Door Cinema Club have made the guitar take a back seat. It’s refreshing to hear guitar prominent in the mix. The bass has just the right amount of punch, and subtle hints of keyboards and synths keep things interesting and exciting.

As a whole, the album’s tone is right in the middle of the emotional spectrum. It won’t make you feel sad like “Trouble Will Find Me” by The National, but it’s not a feel good pop album like “Oh, What a Life” by American Authors.

Songs like “Shake the Cage,” “Autoinjector” and “Sharing Cigarettes” are clear favorites, but the lead single “Alienation” will most likely be the stand out track.

“Throw me a landline, this is more like a land mine” are memorable lyrics that fit the upbeat but realistic vibe that “Pure Adulterated Joy” oozes.

While the album is great, it isn’t perfect. I would have liked some stronger melodies to accompany the great instrumentation and tone Morning Parade has built up. While this may be a minor complaint, it leaves me wanting more.

Fans of alternative should definitely add this album to their collection, and even if you aren’t a huge alternative fan you should still give this album a listen. I can see Morning Parade touring with bands such as Coldplay, Imagine Dragons and Civil Twilight. If you are looking for a quality band that has a fresh sound, Morning Parade is a great choice.