Media Review: “Salute” by Little Mix

Taylor Hobson and Taylor Hobson

Album | Grade: A- 

Little Mix’s sophomore album “Salute” definitely packs a punch in its debut.

This girl group has brought 15 new songs to the table; each one providing a new sound that is completely original to this group. They became a group from the X-Factor U.K., after all four girls auditioned solo, they were placed together and soon became Little Mix in 2011. Later on they won the competition and their career has only skyrocketed from there. They were signed to Simon Cowell’s personal label, Simco Records, and began recording right away. They soon released their major single, “Wings,” and their new album definitely has a few more hits on it for this upcoming year.

Salute is just under an hour in length, long enough to keep you entertained but it doesn’t get repetitive over a long stretch of time. It’s a pop album, but with the variety of different beats and sounds it can also be considered R&B, so this group hits two different genres that can make them likable to a wider variety of people.

The album starts off with the song, “Salute,” for which the album was named. It contains heavy drumbeats and lyrics such as “It’s who we are, We don’t need no camouflage, It’s the female federal, And we’re taking off.” This is the band’s statement that they are who they want to be and they refuse to change that for anyone just for fame.

This album has many other upbeat songs that anybody can listen to like “A Different Beat” and “Move” (Another big hit among their fans at the moment). One can really hear the intensity in their music and how much the band really gets into what they are singing about. They also show their softer side as well with the ballad “Good Enough” which really showcases the bands vocals, and shows the strength in each girl’s voice individually as well. The emotion put in this song is especially strong, with powerful lyrics such as, “Am I still not good enough? Am I still not worth that much?”

All in all, Little Mix has gone all out with this new album. You can tell they did not want to leave their fans with any disappointment following their first album, and they did just that.

With a sound that is completely theirs, Little Mix is letting the world know that they will stop at nothing to be heard and not with just one big single, but with the many more to come.