Media Review: “Cavalier Youth”

Taylor Hobson and Taylor Hobson

The band You Me at Six has gone above and beyond expectations with its brand new album, “Cavalier Youth.”

This is their fourth release as a band, and easily their best content-wise. They are a British rock band from Weybridge, Surrey. The band formed in 2004, but became well-known in 2008 with their debut album, “Take Off Your Colours.” They have definitely made great strides since their first album and “Cavalier Youth” is the very definition of it.

You Me at Six has definitely changed their genre from their past albums, making a smooth transition from their rock roots to a new alternative sound.

Their new sound contains many great beats and mixes with continuously great guitar, making every song on this album a winner, not to mention how much effort this band puts into its lyrics. Every song has a meaning and the lyrics sung by this band are anything but typical. This is what gives them such a unique sound, but still keeps them relatable enough that just about anyone can easily listen to this album.

You Me At Six opens up the album with the track “Too Young To Feel This Old,” a song with an upbeat tempo that really gets the listener’s attention. The album mainly consists of songs in this manner, with other great tracks like “Be Who You Are,” which starts off with great drumbeats and has a very calm and relaxed vibe throughout the entire track. “Carpe Diem,” quickly follows with a more fast-paced beat, creating a carefree and happy sound.

Overall this band is easily relatable, having pop undertones, so just about anyone can listen to at least a song or two of theirs. If you have not given this band a listen yet, I strongly suggest that you do. This album truly deserves to be heard.