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September 21, 2023

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What’s #trending?

Samantha Momeyer | Lifestyle Director

Don’t fall too quickly for all these new trends. It’s finally September, and that means it’s now semi-acceptable to begin discussing some fall items.

This week on “what’s #trending,” I’m going to take you through the last few last summer trends, some random trends, and those fall trends that we’re all starting to crave.

First things first, as summer comes to a close, fanny packs can’t go without being mentioned. Fanny packs are one of those items that are either loved or hated. I would say though that after this summer, the majority of people are loving them.

They’re stylish and convenient for any event like amusement parks, concerts, hiking, or any activity where you just need a few things and you don’t want to carry them. The popular and expensive brand “Lululemon” probably have the most trendy fanny pack with its sleek and comfortable design.

Moving forward is another summer trend, and that is greens powders. Greens powders are marketed for giving you all your daily intake of greens in one serving of this powder.

So, you dump one serving of greens powder into a cup and mix it with water or orange juice, and after you drink it, that’s supposed to be all the greens you need for one day. It’s additionally marketed for those who do not enjoy eating vegetables, help with bloating issues and most people see it as a weight loss supplement.

There are a few popular brands that have the best flavor options, including “Kiala Nutrition,” “Bloom nu,” and “AG1.” Greens powders also claim to boost immunity and energy on a daily basis when taken regularly.

On another note, starting to fall into the seasonal trends, this one has been and is popular all year round, but during fall there’s a popular twist. This trend is sweet cream cold foam or any type of cold foam added to drinks.

Throughout the year, most popularly being known and ordered at Starbucks, this thick and fluffy sweet foam can be added upon request to your drink of choice. It seriously elevates any fruity, nutty or coffee drink, and is the best option if you just want to add a little treat to your drink.

Cold foam is one of those trends that has been around and plans on being around for a while. However, in the fall time, Starbucks and a few other various places turn their sweet cream cold foam into a pumpkin cold foam. It even turns this beautiful light orange color, and I can attest that it does taste like pumpkin pie and whipped cream mixed together.

Another item that can be popular at any point around the year, but is extra known around the fall, is “Rae Dunn” items. If you’re unaware of what “Rae Dunn” items are, I would assume that means you’ve never been into a target, T.J Maxx, Marshalls or any popular retailer.

“Rae Dunn” makes items like decor, furniture, kitchenware and so much more. It can be recognized by its white or pastel colors with black, thin writing with cute or punny sayings. However, in the fall time, it seems as if Rae Dunn items are the most popular.

They come out with tons of fall decor, and even some spooky and aesthetically pleasing items. Rae Dunn may be overpriced, but if it’s for the aesthetics, who’s not gonna splurge?

Finally, one last trend worth mentioning is a new social media platform that has been gaining lots of popularity. This new social media app is called “BeReal.” It’s essentially an app where every day, at a random time, you get a notification that tells you to “BeReal.”

When this notification comes out, you have two minutes to take a picture from the front camera. Wait though, be careful, because the whole idea behind this app is it also takes a picture of your surroundings from the back camera.

So it’s a picture that pretty much shows everything you’re doing and all things around you. You can comment and react with a selfie to other people’s posts and only you are able to see your BeReal history.

Once the notification comes out the next day, you will no longer be able to see your followers post for the previous day. This app for sure has my stamp of approval and it’s a fun way to see what everyone is up to in a way that has no pressure to be perfect.

That’s all for trends this week, but like always, checkout some of the things discussed and come back next week for more! 

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