University provides eight week long camp for elementary aged children

With elementary schools beginning to let out young children full of energy and spirit for their summer break, the University’s Department of Recreation and Wellness is providing a way to release all the pent up energy through an eight week program called “Kids Camp.”

The program is offered for kids enrolled in kindergarten through the sixth grade, approximately around the ages six to twelve.

The Kids Camp mission statement on the University’s website explains that goal of these camps is to be inclusive and engaging physically, emotionally and intellectually in a supportive environment.

“Safety and respect are foremost while a desire for lifelong learning is instilled in each camper. A supportive environment encourages pride in individual achievement, regardless of ability,” says the mission statement.

Kids Camp director Micah Alt said there will be lots of opportunities for kids enrolled to be active and explore the community around them.

“We play a lot,” she said. “We’re combining recreational activities along with talking about wellness and healthy lifestyles.”

The camps each have themes which will change from week to week paired with a physical activity or sport.

An example of the themes are, “Falcon Frenzy,” “Blast from the Past” and “Zany Zoo.”

Alt said that the camp counselors that are running each weekly camp are planning the activities for the campers.

Alt explained that the kids will be able to take field trips around town and campus. Some of the places the field trips will take on campus are the Perry Field House, the Student Recreation Center and opportunities to golf at the Forrest Creason Golf Course off campus.

“Since we have a lot of recreation [activities], we are going to have our Wellness interns come in and speak.” Alt said.

There will also be opportunities for kids to learn different sports depending on the program they choose.

The age gap for the Kids Camp is large, but Alt is confident that the camp counselors will find a place for everyone.

“I mean, we might want to start out with the kids playing dodgeball, but the little kids can’t play that,” she said. “We are planning to separate them with different activities, but we’ll all be in the same room.”

Alt said that the field trips will combine all age groups to travel together.

Kids Camp opened it’s doors for registration in 2007, and has been a success ever since.

Daria Blachowski-Dreyer gave a parent testimonial on the Kids Camps website and said, “The quality of the staff and programming was beyond my expectations. It was a great option for my son, as it provided him exposure to new activities and an entirely different group of kids. It was a great value! Thank you for providing this program to the campus and the community.”

Kids Camp will begin June 8 and run until

July 31.

A more detailed outline of the camps, registration and payment information for Kids Camp can be found at, or you can email [email protected]