Concert Review: Elton John

Reporter and Reporter

FORT WAYNE, IND. — Elton John is a legend — to be able to walk out on stage and get a standing ovation for simply being there. It means you have something special and unique, that merely getting a glimpse of you is a memory in itself.

After his concert Saturday night in Fort Wayne, Ind. I know why he deserves to be considered one.

One word sums up my Elton John concert experience — powerful.

The audience was electric with excitement. It’s not every day that a man like Elton John comes to Fort Wayne.

He didn’t wear a very flamboyant outfit, but still rocked a black sparkly jacket.

The simplicity of a man sitting at his piano seems like it would get boring, but Elton John can play that piano so well it’s captivating.

Every song was played with so much emotion, it made the experience powerful in that it was unforgettable.

Elton John played all his hits from “Circle of Life” to “Candle in the Wind” to “Crocodile Rock.”

Elton John might be getting up there in age, but his concert was lively as ever.

My dad said this concert experience was second only to when he went to see Michael Jackson.

There was something for everyone. Young and old loved it and it was very noticeable just watching the reaction of the crowd.

Literally every song received a standing ovation, well known or not.

“Crocodile Rock” and ”Bennie and the Jets” got the audience out of their seats and dancing all around the venue. People made their ways to the aisles in between the seats and were dancing up and down them throughout both.

I know Elton John may be before my time, but he plays great music and his concert made me love him 10 times more.

At the end of every song, he would turn to the audience, either standing or sitting, and smile and wave.

He even signed autographs for those in the front row. An artist rarely takes the time during a show to sign autographs and for someone as famous as Elton John to take the time to do such, shows that he loves his fans.

My experience at Elton John’s concert will always stand out as one of the best concerts I’ve attended and I suggest that if you get the chance to go see him, do it.