Student produced song to be released as video

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“BGSyou,” a song written and produced by University students, is set to be released as a music video in the coming weeks.

The band Ziggy and the Zoombas, performed “BGSyou” for the first time at Dance Marathon on Saturday.

Performing at Dance Marathon was suggested by Victoria Recker, a junior music education major, who plays the trumpet for the band.

“BGSyou” can be described as part of the Ska genre. Ska is rock music that incorporates brass instruments. The song is about five minutes in length.

Initially, the band’s only goal was to produce a music video, which they have been rehearsing and shooting for since September.

The group decided to perform “BGSyou” at Dance Marathon to get the word out to students about Ziggy and the Zoombas.

“It was a way for us to stay motivated during the final stages of recording the song and shooting the video,” said band manager and songwriter David Chesworth, a senior majoring in exercise science.

The music video begins with a senior’s last day of high school. He makes his way to the University, where he spends four years and the time flies by. The video uses humor to promote college life at the University.

The basic theme of the music video is that college is some of the best years of your life, Chesworth said.

Chesworth had the idea to create a music video two years ago after joking around with a few friends.

“Being in a music video was something on my bucket list,” Chesworth said. “I figured that I am in college and I have the resources and friends to do it, so why not?”

A year went by before Chesworth or his friends did anything about the idea.

Chesworth composed a rough draft of “BGSyou” at 2011’s Dance Marathon that he showed to friend, Benji Cates, a music education major.

“I began developing instrumental components of the song at 3 a.m. the next morning,“ Cates said.

Cates used his musical background to perfect “BGSyou.”

“I was inspired by what he had written and just added to it,” Cates said.

Cates is the lead singer for Ziggy and the Zoombas.

Chesworth and Cates began recruiting their friends to help with various aspects of the production of “BGSyou.”

They were so excited about their idea they practically begged friends to help them, said sophomore Aaron Rice.

“I was excited to do it,” he said.

Rice became the lead guitarist for the group and was put in charge of audio recording.

Daishin Takakura, an international student from Japan and film major, is shooting the entire video.

“BGSyou” is the first music video that Takakura has shot.

There is a lot to consider when making a music video, Takakura said.

“I am used to making a story the center of a film, and in a music video the music has to be at the center but surrounded by visual elements,” he said.

Chesworth said the process has been fun and challenging.

“It is a great way to build our resumes while doing something we enjoy,” Chesworth said.

Ziggy and the Zoombas plan to have their video on the University’s Twitter and Facebook page, but they are still waiting on approval from the University’s marketing department.

“BGSyou” will be different than the “Stroh Center Rap,” Chesworth said.

“What is unique about our video is that it is student made,” Chesworth said.

He said the group had no advertising motives when it decided to create the video.

The group doesn’t plan to perform again unless asked.

“We are all going our separate ways; the video was just something fun that we wanted to do,” Chesworth said.