Campus Brief: Jerome Library adds new digital database to its archives

University Libraries has added a new digital archive to its expansive archive collection.

“Rock and Roll, Counterculture, Peace and Protest, Popular Culture of Britain and America 1950-75” is now available in the Jerome Library, according to a press release posted to the University’s website Feb. 23.

The database release came after two years of documenting and archiving music, pop culture, fashion and youth culture with British company Adam Matthew Digital, Dean of Libraries Sarah Bushong said.

The archive also features pieces on civil rights issues, student protests throughout the United States and the Vietnam War, according to the press release.

Adam Matthew Digital approached the University to help create the archive because of the Department of Popular Cultures’s already expansive collection of related material, Bushong said. Many of the pieces in the database came from the University.

This digital archive joins several others University Libraries has released, including a Vogue database of the entire magazine collection.

“This is an area we are going to pursue in the future,” Bushong said of digital archives. “It gives BGSU national recognition.”

University Libraries continue to advance their resources and media, from print collections to expansive online databases.

“We do the traditional stuff, we have books, but we have this edgier side,” Bushong said.