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Parking – It’s a lot

Students express frustration with Parking Services, available spaces and distant lots
Blake Pierce
A vehicle booted by BGSU Parking Services in Lot 11 on campus.

Many students on BGSU’s campus say they are frustrated with the structure of parking services, as well as the lack of parking availability paired with lots. distant from campus locations.

Let me park. Just let me park. We pay so much money to go here.

— Lorreine Delille, nursing major

According to a survey conducted of BGSU students, parking space availability and distance from one’s destination are seen as the top factors contributing to a negative outlook on BGSU Parking Services.

Garret Swank, a junior studying sales and marketing, believes BGSU needs more parking spaces, with locations closer to the heart of campus. 

“When you’re in a crunch time, in between classes, trying to get to classes, it’s very difficult to make those types of walks when you live far away from campus,” Swank said. 

Lorraine Delille says she isn’t a fan of BGSU Parking Services, with a frustration stemming from space availability and what she saw as a lack of adherence to their rules. 

“It was my first ticket … You know how you’re supposed to get a warning, I didn’t get the warning.” Delille said. “I went immediately to them and was like, ‘Hey your app didn’t work and this is my first ticket’ and they charged me anyway.”

Students like Swank said they can’t even count how many citations they have. 

“I do have the commuter pass and I have gotten numerous tickets. I’ve had to fit myself into spots that sometimes aren’t spots, or park in an area that I’m not supposed to just because I wasn’t able to get in one of those commuter spots. They were all filled up,” Swank said. 

“Let me park,” Delille said. “Just let me park. We pay so much money to go here.”

Many spaces, few for students

Despite BGSU’s campus population of 18,966 (88.4%) students to 2,469 (11.6%) staff, parking spaces are designated in a different proportion. 

BGSU has 12,916 parking spaces available and designated 48.4% of those spaces for faculty and staff members. Another 28.6% of parking spaces available are designated for commuter students and 22.9% of total spaces are for residential students. 

The 48.4% of spaces assigned to faculty and staff members can also generate revenue through the Pay by Phone parking app, which allows users to pay for a designated amount of time in the space. Pay-by-Phone and metered parking is the second-largest revenue generator for BGSU Parking Service, aside from purchases of parking permits. 

Tyler StCroix, a BGSU sophomore intervention specialist and education major, said he doesn’t buy a parking pass and recommends his friends shouldn’t as well. 

“I tell them, ‘Don’t pay for the parking pass,’” StCroix said. “It’s just my thoughts, but hey if you could save a penny … save it any time.”

Residential students have spaces to park in lots 12, 15, 3 and a part of lot L and lot I. 

Kelsea Whisman, an education major who parks in Lot 12, said she hasn’t received a parking violation, though she still has dismay due to the availability of the parking and its distance from various campus destinations. 

“You have to plan 30 minutes round trip to be able to get to your car,” Whisman said. “And, then when you do get there there’s not as many parking spots as cars so you’re driving round and round and round trying to find a spot.” 

Fall 2023 financials

Generating over $1.1 million in the fall of 2023, BGSU Parking Services’ primary source of revenue was generated from the sale of parking permits, according to data obtained by BG Falcon Media.

Of that total revenue, $134,250 was generated from prepay parking and another $112,750 was from citation payments. 

Some students, such as Whisman, said the lack of adequate parking could be alleviated by opening more parking spaces to be available for students.

“We already pay to park, so we should be able to park anywhere on campus. There are so many lots, but none of them are ever full,” Whisman said. “There should be options for student parking all over campus.”

This has been seen at other colleges, such as Cleveland State University, where parking spaces are allocated on a first-come, first-serve basis, rather than being designated to a driver’s specific role on campus. 

Parking citations are given when a person allegedly violates the BGSU Parking Rules and Regulation.

BGSU Parking Services placed a boot on a vehicle in Lot 11 (Blake Pierce)

The rules and regulations allow for an appeals committee to dismiss one’s citations, only if the appeal is filed within ten calendar days from the date of the violation.

When a vehicle receives six or more citations, whether those are paid or not, BGSU Parking Services says they will boot your vehicle. Parking officials say once a person is set to receive a boot, they will receive one for every citation moving forward until the completion of the academic year.


Parking Data

Parking data compiled from various universities around Ohio.

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