Which presidential candidate deserves your vote? Mitt Romney

Daniel Ems and Daniel Ems

Mitt Romney:

As long as democracy has existed, the war between opposite political parties has existed.

It is not difficult for anyone to be sucked in to this normality; many have fallen into this routine, including myself.

However, both parties wish to obtain the same thing: the opportunity for success for every American.

While they disagree on the path to achieve that goal, the goal remains constant. This war does nothing but soil the waters of clarity, disrupting the road of truth that America must follow to achieve this goal.

This road changes with times, with the ideas of society.

While the destination is constant, there are numerous variables that must be addressed. What are these variables? Why are they important?

The answers to these two crucial questions are the precise reason why I, a fiscal conservative, am voting for Gov. Mitt Romney.

The economy has been the root of numerous topics of this election, education, job creation, tax reform, national debt and deficit, health care and even foreign policy.

The American economy is what either makes or breaks America. With an unemployment rate now at 7.9%, national debt at $16 trillion and national deficit at $1 trillion the American people and government alike have taken on this burden of addressing and fixing the problem. This brings up the questions of taxes, job creation, the foreign market and what answers to these questions will serve most profitable for everyone.

With healthcare being 1/6 of the U.S. economy, Medicare, Medicaid and the Affordable Care Act are all logical topics that must be approached as well.

These are the variables of this election that will, inarguably, have the largest impact on America’s future, for either good or bad.

The Affordable Care Act is a wonderful idea that, unfortunately, has a drastic unintended consequence of hurting the health care industry, 1/6 of our economy.

While again, I stress the concept is that of a good one, the fact of the matter remains that not all the kinks are worked out.

Kinks like how we plan to pay for this.

If this was not at a relevant question, then why was $740 million pulled out of Medicare?

We, as a country with a troubled economy, cannot afford to impose another burden on 1/6 of our economy. We must rather allow the state and the private sector to work together through competition and regulation to promote health care costs that we can all afford.

Affordability, however, is only relevant under the assumption that you can find a job. Romney’s plan addresses this issue.

We must create jobs to get the economy moving again. We do this by promoting job growth in America through literally working for energy independence in North America.

Secondly, we must re-evaluate how we trade and seek expansion of American goods and services in foreign markets.

The cost of education and access to the right kind of job training is a pressing issue as college tuition and post graduate debt, are the highest ever recorded.

No business, big or small, has been able to survive by spending more money than they take in, so naturally the government must focus on lowering the national deficit.

Finally, and arguably the most important, small businesses, the cornerstones of the American economy, cannot be discouraged in hiring and expanding due to regulations that are crippling them.

The question you, as a college student, must ask yourself is: What happens if I cannot find a job? Let me tell you that you will retain a significant amount of college debt, struggle to find affordable healthcare and own a home.

In short, the economy is the largest of all variables.

Romney has a plan to fix our economy that will work.

If we fix our economy, all the other variables will fall into place.

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