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Justin Pierre, lead singer of Motion CIty Soundtrack performs at Clazel Tuesday night.

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When Motion City Soundtrack walked out on stage at Clazel Tuesday night, the crowd cheered heavily as the band started their set.

Opening bands included Sea of Bears, Now, Now and Jukebox the Ghost.

Jukebox the Ghost guitarist and lead/backup vocalist Tommy Siegel said the show was great and he was very proud to share the stage with Motion City Soundtrack.

“I didn’t really know about their music at all until this tour, but they’re great and I’m excited to be on this tour with them,” Siegel said.

Motion City Soundtrack started off the night with a song from their album Even if it Kills Me called “Broken Heart.”

The set list consisted of songs ranging from the band’s first album, I am the Movie, to their newest album, GO.

Motion City Soundtrack drummer Tony Thaxton said the show was a really fun one to play, and this was the first time the band has played in Bowling Green.

“Coming to a town for the first time you never know what to expect,” Thaxton said. “The crowd had just a fun vibe to it.”

Banan Alkilani, general manager at Clazel, said the turnout of the crowd was really nice and all of the bands brought energy to the venue.

“It was a beautiful concert and all of the opening bands played really well and Motion City Soundtrack was phenomenal,” Alkilani said. “I think their music relates to a lot of people when they were growing up so now that they’re in college, you felt that energy come back.”

Junior Joe Luek said he’s been a fan of Motion City Soundtrack for more than five years and the band always puts on a great show.

“This is my eighth Motion City Soundtrack concert and it was awesome,” Lueck said. “I really liked the energy from the band and they always perform really well.”

The band played a total of 18 songs, ending the night with their hit single from the album Commit this to Memory called “Everything is Alright.”

“It was only the second show of the actual tour,” Thaxton said. “You can get a weird vibe but it was fun here today.”